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Our production adventure starting with Simge Textile which is our weaving plant founded in 1994 has continued with VOLISSE brand today. VOLISSE was founded by the partnership of three brothers and became a company giving high quality and trustworthy service in many textile fields thanks to the ancestral textile experience and the confidence of production knowledge.

The city of Denizli living with textile day and night for centuries became one the most important and successful home textile centres in the world. Founded in this city, we are the long-standing company progressing with the experience of ultimate weaving techniques. VOLISSE is a private company providing service to its customers with its fabric, home textile and decoration products by making no concessions on quality. VOLISSE has the capability of meeting the product demands together with many solution partners mainly located in Denizli and Turkey.

Having experienced, skilled at production planning, solution-oriented team and the principle of right and honest trade, We always meet customer expectation with the best deadline, superior quality and service concept.

We are a manufacturer and supplier company building a network of textile and decoration apart from our current products. We receive and proceed the orders based on customers’ demands by organizing production processes and providing a proper shipment with our tracking and controls.

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